GATE 2020 – Preparation for general aptitude and English

You can have a strong technical knowledge about the subjects, but that is not enough to crack GATE. You must be well versed in English and should work on the logic and reasoning for the General Aptitude paper.

  • General Aptitude – The Aptitude is a very important aspect of the GATE exams. It is assumed that Engineers are good with aptitude as they have studied on the application level during their course. If you don’t feel confident after a couple of mock tests, you need to set some time aside and work on your aptitude skills.  Aptitude section consists of basic problems of 8th-10th maths with logical reasoning and data interpretation too. Most of the students prepare for placements and learn aptitude during the process. First of all, you should gauge your skills by solving previous year question papers and see how good you are. If you are finding it hard to solve questions then you should start from the basics. Your coaching class will provide the apt aptitude books based on your level of learning and that should help you out a lot. You don’t need to solve the most complex questions, you need to master the basics as  GATE questions are very standard. After doing all this, you should take part in a test series and see where you stand. Upon improvement, don’t stop practising and don’t lose touch from the subject.
  • English – English is a subject that most people are comfortable with, but still end up scoring less marks than expected. Some books will help you out a lot. It is very essential that if you want to achieve the top ranks in GATE that you should not skip out on the English section and ace that as well. English publications from SIGMA will guide you on the right path to achieving your goals. You should set aside a particular time every week and solve previous year GATE questions. Once you know where you stand, you can improve on those aspects and make them your strengths. English is easy to score, once you have the basics sorted.

For General Aptitude and English Publications you can reach out to SIGMA GROUP. We provide the best quality material for cracking each and every aspect of GATE.

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