Tips for GATE 2021 preparation – How to Crack GATE

GATE (Graduate aptitude Test in Engineering) is an all India Entrance examination. It is conducted for admissions to post graduate programs in Indian Institutes of higher education. The ministry of Human Resource Development and other government agencies provide scholarships for the same. GATE is conducted jointly by IISc and seven IITs every year.

Getting high score in GATE exam provides the possibility of not only the admission to post graduate programs, but also you will get job in PSU, that is highly paying respected government job. Qualifying in GATE exam is not so difficult. But getting high score is very difficult. It requires a lot of preparation and proper planning.

This blog explains some tips for GATE 2018 preparations, which leads to acquiring high score in the examination.

The first thing that you should understand is the fact that ‘everyone is different and preparations time for GATE depends on many factors like individuals attitude, aptitude, hardworking, method of study, concentration level etc. So the preparation time may vary from students to students. Candidate should go through the syllabus first and analyze exam pattern by referring previous year’s questions papers.  And allocate preparation time to each subjects based on their weightage. It is more important to know what you studied, because GATE exam will test the level and depth of understanding concepts. So make a list of topics which needed to be studied based on number of questions. Identify topics which have fetched more marks and give more importance to them during preparation.  Make a time table for study of topics and follow it strictly. While studying a topic, note the important points and equations. Make tips to remember and follow it during examination.

First, believe yourself that you will be able to do it and keep cool at all times. But maintain a dedicated time of hours for preparation. Self-study is must for GATE because it will strengthen all the concepts. And you can find time for combined study, if it is necessary for you.

Follow the following tips while making study plans.

First, write your daily routine on a paper, and decide the time to dedicate for GATE exam. Find out the difficult portions to you and give more time to those portions. Use Sundays and holidays to revise chapters already covered.  Morning is the best time to study.  During morning yours mind can absorb more than the rest of the day.

70% marks from each stream and 15% from mathematics and general aptitude also cover 15% marks of total marks. Neglecting this 30% will reflect GATE score badly. So make time to prepare for general aptitude and mathematics in addition to core subjects. Anyone can start general aptitude preparation at any time.

During the last two weeks no need to study any new topics. During these two weeks, concentrate on revising the concepts and practice more tests, identify the weaker topics in each test and practice it again.  So that your confidence will be increased day by day in this stage.  Clean all your doubts during the preparations and discuss your doubts and face the exam with a positive mind.

Sigma group has been scheduled to cover the entire GATE syllabus within 5 months and providing revision classes, online and offline exams (subject wise and Chapter wise) for the students to make them capable for face the exam with 100% confidence.

Sigma group provides the best study materials to help the students to understand the engineering concepts and to solve the GATE problems in an easier way. Each stream has 10 GATE study materials.  Each book comprises of theory, previous year GATE and IES questions, assignment problems with complete and descriptive solutions. We help you to identify your strength and weakness.  By completing entire syllabus within 5 months give yourself enough time to study and reverse the topics, because LAST MONTH REVISION IS BETTER THAN LAST MONTH STUDY.

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